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In this course, we will teach you how to take photographs like a Pro. We will teach you different styles. We will also teach you the following; Product Photography Food Photography Fashion Photography.   This course will cover all the points right from basics to advanced levels.

2,499.00 499.00

Want to switch to a healthier lifestyle? Can’t visit the gym or go out? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. In this online yoga course, we take you through a 15-day lesson plan designed to advance your yoga skills, energize your body, improve your mobility and increase your dynamic flexibility. This course is highly effective and efficient and is part 4 of a 5-part series.

3,500.00 699.00

Jewellery Making for Beginners – step by step Resin Pendants and Earrings

Please know that after you take the course, people may experience a tiny bit of jewellery envy when they see you wearing your pendants or earrings!

Welcome to our Step by Step Beginner Resin Jewellery Course.

3,500.00 499.00

Always wanted to learn Arabic Calligraphy?

Begin your journey with our introductory course as we introduce you to all the letters and how they should be written with their correct proportions and scales. We start from the absolute basics of how to prepare your very own Bamboo / Reed pen & Ink as well as the most appropriate writing materials to use to become a Calligraphy Artist. Then we move on to the structure of each letter in their Individual form and how to write them if your left handed or right handed.

5,500.00 599.00

Have you ever wondered how anyone can bake authentic sourdough bread? You know the kind of bread I’m talking about, with its crispy, crunchy crust, sour chewy crumb and amazing flavor. How do they do that? Well you can bake real sourdough bread in your own home oven, just like the pros do. I will show you how, step by step, it’s easy and fun. You will amaze your family and friends. No one will be able to bake a loaf like you can!

2,999.00 399.00

Learn how to write in modern calligraphy with brush pens, step-by-step

Good handwriting is NOT required for this course!  I break down calligraphy into the basic foundational strokes, so this course is perfect for beginners.  I also go beyond the basics in this course, so when you’re ready, I’ll teach you flourishing, loops, and bounce lettering.

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